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May 12, 2011

Hi all

Well although I really like the Articulate suite, I seem to be experiencing my fare share of trouble. Some, I'm sure, are due to my learning curve, but others seem to be technical of nature and I am struggling.

Can anyone tell me if there is an optimal file size? I have a very large course built that has 465 PP slides. I have been trying to publish it for three days now and during the publishing process either Powerpoint crashes, Presenter crashes or it simply all locks up and I have to stop the processes and start again. Could it be that this is just too large?

On another note...I had a bizarre thing happen today where at the end of trying to publish with no luck, all of the quiz files had disappeared from the working folder. I have backups of everything so was able to reinstate but quite bizarre. Has anyone ever heard of this?

Thanks in advance

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Bill Harnage

Hi Micheal,

I'm not aware of an optimal PPT size, but I'd reckon to say that 465 slides is a tad too many (sarcasm) when it comes to publishing.  I'm surprised PPT can keep running.

Presenter has to render each animation, image, text, audio, etc when it comes to publishing, so the more complex the slide the more load there will be on your system.

I think everyone would recommend breaking that out into a half dozen or so PPT's, depending on natural break points.

Also, if you're on a mac and running a virtual machine I've heard resource problems that way.

As for the QM files disappearing, I haven't had experienced that, so hopefully someone else can provide help there.



Michael Reid

Thanks Bill...I agree it is large and that it is a lot to ask that a Microsoft product keep running for an extended period of time

I think I will break them down as you suggest. Yeah...the disappearing quiz files is a real mystery! I'm on a PC so perhaps another MS anomaly...better stop in case the other Bill is listening in to what I'm saying...he has more money than I do  ;-)

Thanks again


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