Articulate not launching from a CD?

Aug 24, 2012


I'm putting together a series of eLearning courses for students in rural parts of subSaharan Africa. They have no internet access, so everything has to be on a CD. Their computers are old, and there's no way on earth they'll have updated versions of Flash. When we tested a sample module with some of our users, some had "missing plug-in" errors, so we figured we'd just set it up so the course runs within the Articulate window, instead of in whatever browser came with their computers. The course runs fine from the CD on my computer, but when we tested it on a computer configured to match our students' the Articulate Presenter window just showed up with no content. Is there a way to fix this, please? Our students have no internet access of any kind, so downloading an updated copy of Flash is not an option for them. If they need this, is it something we could burn to the CD with the course files?

Many thanks,

H. Valli

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