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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Lynn!

Thanks for reaching out, and I see you also reached out in a related discussion here. Since this is a new discussion, we can keep the conversation going here if you'd like. :)

You mentioned in the other thread that you published the file for LMS--are you uploading the output to your learning management system before you test it? 

Keep me posted!

Lynn Wonsick

We are publishing as SCORM 2004 Version 3.  We have a site where we can preview through a browser.  I sent screenshot of it.  I can upload and test inside the LMS, but typically we use the site for allowing others to preview and approve courses prior to loading into LMS. The underline issue is any underline, not just hyperlinks.  I'll test in LMS now and get back to you.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for sharing your file with me. After publishing for LMS and testing it on SCORM Cloud, here's what I saw.

Can you click this link to test the published file on  your end? 

Also, I have a hunch that your DPI settings could be causing this issue. Could you double check that you're using 96 DPI? Here's how to switch to 96 DPI. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lynn, 

I used the same exact publishing settings you used. My hunch is that we have different DPI settings.

If you have something other than 96 DPI on your computer, and you publish the file, that will affect the way the output looks for everyone who views your course.

It doesn't matter what settings your learners have. As long as you, the course author, have the 96 DPI setting, it will look correct after publishing.