Studio 360 Underlining & Hyperlink issue

Dec 06, 2017

I am having this same issue as another Studio 360 user. I did not find a solution under the comments for that post. All underlining in the training as well as the hyperlink underlines are shifting to cover text. I have retyped all underline words and hyperlinks but this did not resolve the issue.

The course package is in Arial. Our brand guide fonts are Minion Pro, Moriston, Tungsten, and Open Sans. I have also tried Calibri. Changing font does not help. I really need a solution. The customer is not happy about removing the underlining.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Becky!

I'm not sure what thread you are referring to, but please feel free to share so that I can take a peek over there as well.

Thanks for sharing your course. That allowed me to take a look and publish.

I'm not seeing an issue with your underlines/hyperlinks. Here is my published output.

It looks like you were publishing to the web. Were you fully uploading the zipped output to your web server and viewing there as your learner would?

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