Articulate Presenter 5.4 user unable to hear audio

Hello, we have an older course that contains some files created with Articulate Presenter 5.4 Pro. One of the users is not able to hear the audio connected to the slides. She says that the volume is turned up both on her computer and the browser window. I had her download the most recent flash update but that did not work. She is using Microsoft XP and has tried it with both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Does anyone have any suggestions / know what the problem could be?? If more information is needed please let me know and I will try and get it. Thank you in advance.

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Greg!

If this is only happening for one user, it sounds like it may be machine-specific. Is she able to hear any other audio on her machine? 

If it's an older course, has she been able to view the course successfully in the past?

Are you able to share a link to the published and uploaded course, so I can do a little browser and audio testing? 

Greg Sarnowski

Christine - thanks for the reply.

She says that she is able to hear audio on other sites, such as Youtube.

It's an older course that many have successfully gone through but it is new to her. I believe she is the only one in her group having the issue.

Since I first posted, I attempted a workaround that failed. What I did was I used Camtasia to screen capture/record the articulate presentation and save as an .avi file. I then encoded and uploaded the video in flash. (At first I tried encoding it in HTML5 but that resulted in a blank screen when viewed online.) Anyway, I had her try the video and she was unable to hear the audio on the flash video either. I would say this is a problem with flash but like I mentioned I just had her download/install the update so who knows?

You can login to the site here:

user: christine

pass: christine

Click the bar labeled "1. The Secret to Inside Wholesaling Success" and then the link labeled "Paul Karasik Speaks on The Secret to Wholesaling Success". That page has a link to the articulate presentation (the "Click Here" graphic) as well as the above mention flash video that I put up this morning.

Again, thanks so much for your help.

Greg Sarnowski

I just got a reply that it is now working for her.

I had emailed her confirming that she was sure she had downloaded and installed the flash update correctly, including restarting if prompted. She replied that she would get an IT person to look into it.

Then she replied that it was fixed.

So I guess that was the issue. Which isn't a surprise since I had the same problem (no audio on flash) with one of my machines not too long ago, and installing the update fixed it. (Which is why it was the first thing I asked her to do).

Anyway, please close out this topic. I'll be deleting that above ID I created.