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Aug 19, 2020

I understand 360 has text to speech but is there a way to do text to speech in Articulate Presenter? I am building off of a PPT file and was planning on doing scripting, text animations, and sync using PPT/Presenter.

Should I be working in Storyline 360 instead of PPT/Presenter?

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Katie Riggio

Hi Marc,

Great question! The text-to-speech feature is exclusive to Storyline 360.

For your scenario, you could import your PowerPoint slides into Storyline 360 to leverage content and add as many text-to-speech clips as you need. 😊

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Hi Katie, Marc,

If I could do a follow-up on this question: Should Articulate Presenter be able to use Audio Text to Speech created in Storyline? I'm using a similar text to speech generator which outputs files that can be used by Presenter, yet nothing is heard when importing Audio created from Storyline. 

Kind Regards,


Katie Riggio

Greetings, Claudiu!

That's a great question. Right now, the only way to bring in Storyline slides into Presenter is by using a web object:

One approach is to add your text-to-speech narration in Storyline 360 and then add the content as a web object in Presenter 360.

Let us know if that helps. We're happy to explore further!

Dave Neuweiler

Storyline allows audio files in the timeline to be exported as MP3 or WAV. No need to mess around with web objects to take it over to Presenter.

Once the Text-to-Speech audio is generated in Storyline, go to the timeline, right-click the just-created audio, and select Export from the menu. Give it any file name you'd like and save the file.

It's ready for regular import into Presenter.