Articulate & SharePoint?

Oct 04, 2013


Does either Storyline and/or Studio 2013 work with MS SharePoint? Has anyone had any experience with this?


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Then my  best suggestion would be to mock up a graphic (see below from a site I am developing) of how you want the page to look and provide your sharepoint guru with a zip of the published content. Request that they use the iframe tag to point to the storyline story.html file using the path that will be determined by where they put it. For my site, I added a folder called "storyline" where I can drop all of my published folders.


The other option is that you work with your sharepoint person to develop a pure sharepoint page with links that will open up your StoryLine Story.html pages in their own windows. You would still need to provide the full published content folder(s) for them to host somewhere (again, I would suggest they add a StoryLine folder for this).

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