Articulate showing as unpublished on website

Dec 09, 2011

In Presenter I publish the articulate presentation to the web.  In an html file I have an image that is linked to thie PowerPoint presentation.  After I upload the html file to the website via WinFTP, the PowerPoint presentation plays with Articulate showing the edit in Quizmaker or Engage linked  instead of the finished version only displaying the Submit button. 

How can I fix this?

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Phil Mayor

Hi Marianne, your player.html file is created automatically when you publish, can I confirm you are publishing using the publish button on the articulate ribbon?  The dialogue that appears after publish has an option open folder it is the files in this folder that need uploading and one of those will be the player.html file

Marianne Goossens

Thank you for your patience.  I am a beginner at this.  I are publishing using the publish button on the articulate ribbon.  I republished and did indeed find the player.html file the second time around.  I link to it in dreamweaver, upload both my webpage and the articulate folder.  But now get a black screen when I click on the link:

This shouldn't be this complicated, right?

Marianne Goossens

Quick last question, last week I downloaded the free trial so I can play around in Articulate before I decide if I'd like to purchase it. 

But each time when I open PowerPoint I get the message:

PowerPoint experienced a serious problem with the "articulate presenter ribbon" add-in.  If you have seen this message multiple times you should disable this add-in and check to see if an update is available. 

PowerPoint keep shutting down on me as well.  If I disable the add-in, will I be able to download the trial again for the remaining 3 weeks I have left?

Any ideas what's causing this?


Marianne Goossens

Hello Phil,

Because ppt kept shutting down with Articulate, I had no choice to disable it, since I need to finish some projects in ppt.  I am using ppt 2007.    I have tried to enable Articulate following the steps provided on, but as you mentioned, I have not be able to enable it.

My plan it to upgrade to ppt 2010, but I do want to enable Articulate for the remainder of my trial time since I've barely have had any time to evaluate it.

Any advice on how to enable it at this point?

Phil Mayor

Hi Marianne, sorry spent the day yesterday sanding and decorating, did not pick up my emails.

Here is how to reenable articulate tab the key step I missed was to remove the disabled items step 4 before reenabling the add ins step 7 if this does not work you may need to contact customer support but this normally works


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