Articulate Studio 13 double-character text entry ipad safari

I have a course I am publishing that is typing duplicate characters into fill in the blank type type questions when viewing the HTML5 version of the course in Safari. It sounds similar to the issues described here, but I am experiencing them in quizmaker text entry questions in Studio 13 not in Storyline like the other thread. This only occurs on the HTML5 version in safari. Desktop browsers running the flash version and chrome running on the same iPad do not experience the issue. 

The iPad is running ios 8.3, I am using articulate studio 13 update 5 to publish the course. 



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Mark Arthur

I just came across the same issue: text entry question Quizmaker quiz inside Studio 13 Scorm file on both Moodle and Talent LMS. On iPad, 9.1, using Safariall letters are doubled ok text input questions. The thread linked to above states that it's been fixed with Storyline 2. How about with Studio 13?