Articulate Studio: Export to mp4


I saw some old threads, like 5 years ago, about the request of customers for an export-to-mp4 option in Articulate Studio/ Presenter

In Storyline the feature exists, but not in Studio. I do not understand why? In Storyline I much rather use mp4-unfriendly interaction than in Studio. Wouldn't it would make more sense to offer the mp4-export in your non-interaction-focused product.

I appreciate Studio a lot, as many of our e-learnings are ppt-based  and it offers such an easy way of synchronizing audio with animations. I would love to use the end presentation in form of a video for cross-platform use. 


So my question:

Is the Export-to-mp4 feature in Studio/Presenter planned to be implemented at all?

Happy to hear from you, 



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Ren Gomez

Hi Sophie,

Thanks for reaching out! Currently, we don't have plans to implement a feature to export to .mp4, but I appreciate you letting us know this is important to you.

I've seen a suggestion to publish a copy of the file for the web, and then record the published output with a tool such as Replay, which does publish to MP4. Perhaps that might be useful for you to try!