Articulate Studio stuck on blank slide or question after selecting answer.

Jun 07, 2021

I'm the developer of an LMS solution and we receive courses from many different client/partners

We have many reports of people getting stuck on a blank slide or on a question after selecting an answer.  On the questions they see the correct/incorrect message after selecting an answer but they can't move forward after selecting an answer and dismissing remediation.

We only seem to have the problem with courses published from Articulate Presenter 360  8.26.23748.0 which is the newest and supposedly final version.  Most are published as Scorm 2004 but some of them are AICC so not LMS protocol specific.  We noticed a dramatic increase after about 20+ older courses were republished at the end of last year so as to not require Flash.  A few other clients recently moved to our system they mentioned they were having the exact same problem in their old system but could never figure out why it was happening.

From my testing the problem is related to the progress data value effectively becoming corrupt because if you exit the courses then re-launch the courses it loads back into the same problematic state.

I have created multiple minimal reproductions where we pulled the progress data from db and configured a wrapper page that makes the course think it's running in an LMS then simply re-loads the problematic progress data.  The progress data is not corrupted every time maybe 10% of the time. When a bad progress data value is re-loaded it reproduces the problem 100% of the time. 

If you DM me I can provide links to multiple examples.  I'm not 100% sure how the courses are built I know at least 1 of them was using the power point conversion add-in.  Maybe someone that understands the progress data format could look at the examples and deduce how/why it puts the course into a hung state. We do not parse or manipulate the progress data value it's just treated as a string as far as we are concerned.

I understand that you do not plan on publishing any further versions of Articulate Studio but this is a bug that should warrant a fix since it can be very time consuming for our clients to rebuild all their courses as is the same with many of your other clients.  I don't remember having this same problem with previous versions of Studio.  We have had this same problem with courses from at least 3-4 independent sources and in several instances it only happened after the course was republished from the newer version or Presenter.

We are suggesting they rebuild the courses with Storyline 360 or another tools but that takes time and we are experiencing a few angry trainee a week because the course becomes hung an hour into the course or on final test and the only solution is to start over or build one off skip functionality into every course.

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Nathan, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! ✨

Thank you for reaching out! I see you opened a support case, and my teammate Darrell has e-mailed you a few suggestions to start troubleshooting what you're experiencing. 

Please reach out to Darrell through the case if you have additional questions!

Nathan Smith

For anyone that runs across this thread later.  I submitted a ticket with 3 different examples of courses that became hung mid course.  They would become hung again after exit and relaunch since the problem is serialized and stored in the scorm progress_data value.

I only received generic email template responses from support with no resolution or escalation to a developer capable of identifying what the course did to it's internal state that causes it to to get stuck.

We just decided to suggest our customers upgrade their courses from Studio to Storyline or another tool that does not have this problem.