Attachments, and exit button not working

Feb 03, 2011

Hello All, 

My client is having a problem with their attachments and the 'exit' button.

In IE8: navigating through course works great, video, audio all working find. However when they go to open an attachment, nothing happens - the list of all the attachments is there, but no new window opens - no error message, no activex control asking for permission - clicking on it does nothing. Also - the 'exit' button at the top right opens the drop down where you can click on 'exit now' but that also does nothing - you can click on it but nothing happens. Then you can go back to your course.

In Chrome: they get the Adobe Flash Player has stopped an unsafe operation error - then they can click on OK and go into the course, navigate through everything, video and audio work same as above. And the attachments and the exit button also don't work as in IE8.

Any suggestions on this?

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David Janus

Update:  Yes, they are viewing content published for web, on their local drive.  I am confused because this is how I have always published my presentations i.e. presentations for clients or workshops etc and I've never had a problem viewing content published for web from my local drive.

However, my client has taken the same presentation and run it on a web server and it works fine - yay

But.... the exit button still does not work - not a huge deal but any suggestions ?

David Janus

Another update directly from my client:

"  As mentioned earlier, the launching of a module inArticulate through our viewer has been resolved.

The issue regarding why the attachments not launchinghas been uncovered. Apparently you if you publish to web and you would like toreview the content, you have to view it via a web server in order foreverything to work. Luckily for us, we have one and everything works when youlaunch it from there.

The only outstanding issue we are experiencing is thatthe Exit button does not work when you launch the lesson in Firefox or Chrome,but it does work when you launch it from Internet Explorer. From our ProjectManager’s perspective for the Grade 12 IT project, we are going to have to livewith this – the user will simply have to close the window instead of using theExit button to exit the lesson.  "

Any suggestions?

David Janus

While searching for more info on the old Forums I found this tidbit of advice:

Rather than using the Exit tool, if your courses all end with a quiz, you could simply make the finish action of the quiz close the browser window and that should achieve the same thing.

I would customize the results slide with a message telling them to click Finish if that's how you were going to do it.

BTW, a user should be able to click the browser window closed and the LMS should track the content so I'm not sure what's going on there.

This article explains how to enable a debug, which I would recommend doing so you can see what's being sent to the LMS:
9 Ways to Troubleshoot Articulate & LMS Issues - Articulate – Word of Mouth Blog
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I think that is a pretty good workaround - it at least gives the user the choice to close the course from Articulate, or by directly closing the browser window.
Jeff Sale

We are having a similar problem with the exit now button, we have it uploaded to a modified version of adobe connect, and its being launched in internet explorer, and the exit now button does not work.  How do you modify the "Finish" button's exit, because most of our courses will be ending with a quiz/survey so that would be another approach to the Exit Now button at the top.  Yes of course they can always hit the X in the upper right but we may be dealing also with people who are relatively new to computers.  Thank you in advance!

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