Attachments are not Launching from the Attachments Panel

Feb 06, 2015

Hi Everyone,

I am currently having some trouble with attachments not launching from the Attachments panel of my Web-published course; we used Articulate Studio 09 to develop the course.  What's more bizarre is that I can get them to launch from my own machine in IE (not Chrome), but anyone else that tries to launch them is not able to get the files to open in any browser.

I have looked around for different workarounds and have tried and suggested quite a few of them with no success.  We even ran the Articulate-provided IE updater tool. 

As of the end of last year, I know there was an issue with  Flash Player 16 and Articulate Presenter 13 and a patch was put through to address that problem.  Further research has suggested that this update to Flash Player had no effect on Articulate Presenter 09.  Is it possible that this is the same issue, popping up later on?  Or has anyone else experienced this issue recently and has any other potential solutions for this problem? 

Any help with this would be welcomed!  Thank you all in advance.


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Betsy Fuller

Hi Allison,

I have actually tried some of the various options, including checking browser security settings, and none of those seem to resolve the problem.  Is this a given and consistent issue, locally, then, and not just a possibility?  Will these courses only run on, say, a website, LMS, and so forth?

Thank you.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Betsy,

We always recommend testing your content within the intended publish environment, so if you're publishing for LMS using SCORM Cloud is a great option to see how it'll behave. If you're unable to access attachments there after checking in a few of the browsers (to help rule out security) please let us know and we're happy to take a look at your project files. 

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