Upgrade to Presenter 09 and index_lms.html problem

Mar 08, 2018

After an upgrade to Presenter 09 (v6.3.1510.0817 Pro Update 11), I'm experiencing the same issues described in these posts below. After publishing, I'm able to launch and view the player.html, but index_lms.html remains a blank window on both my local pc and the content server. I've compared the html code in the index_lms.html with another file published prior to the upgrade; except for the title tag, the code is identical. I'm also able to successfully launch and view modules published prior to the upgrade. I've searched the forums and have been unable to find a resolution. Some comments have hinted at Flash or Java versions, but I'm able to toggle between different versions of Java, attempt to publish, and nothing has changed.

Rick Springer

Vivian Deitz

Adam Yerger

Mike Mergenthaler

I'm seeking any help.... Thanks, Jeff

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Jeff Zoller

Update... out of desperation, I started replacing the published files on the non-working module (one-by-one) with files from a published working (pre-upgrade) version and was able to get it to work. Apparently \lms\AICCComm.html is the culprit. After replacing that file with one from a published working module, my post-upgrade training module worked. I don't yet know why, but am working on that.

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