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Melanie Sobie

Hi Mike,

I had a similar situation. However, the group of learners I was dealing with needed instructions on how to adjust the audio. I built an engage interaction with the instructions and then inserted little video clips I created with Snagit to demonstrate how to adjust the volume. It was just for this one course and so far there has been no feedback on the course that the audio is too loud or too quiet, as we've gotten from this group of learners before.

Jeanette Brooks

That looks great, Melanie! Thanks for posting that. I like the idea of using Engage because that also gives you the flexibility of placing the Engage interaction as a tab at the top of the player, so that learners can get to it anytime if they need to, but if they want to bypass it they can.

Eric Bybee

Really great question Mike.  I had never really give this any thought but it is something to consider.  Especially if you have an environment with learners that each have their own PC/Laptop.  In an office, many folks have their sound cards set to mute for so long they forget about it.  The ideas presented here would be a fun way to get them to check it before kicking off the content.