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Mar 31, 2016

I am having playback issues with Audio Editor.  The audio "drags" and the red status bar does not move (sample audio clip attached).  I am on a Win 7 laptop running Office 365 (desktop) and Studio 13 (Update 7).  I tried reinstalling both Office 365 and Studio 13, but no luck eliminating the problem!  Any ideas?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Anthony -- Thank you for your reply, and so sorry to hear of your issues! Thank you for mentioning that you have already attempted the repair with no luck, but I wanted to pass along this article for additional troubleshooting information that may be helpful. 

And if issues persist, you may want to share your file so we can take a closer look. You will need to Create an Articulate Package as described in this document, and you are welcome to upload here in your post or use this form to submit for private review -- your choice! :)

Anthony Contino

Hi Christie,

I tried the suggested remedies but the problem persists.  I created an Articulate package for confidential review (company policy).  I was going to make a smaller sample file of only a few slides, but I noticed that while the audio still drags, the status bar does move.  I look foreward to your review.



Christie Pollick

Hi, Anthony! Just wanted to touch base and let you know that your ticket #00769359 has been received and I will take a look shortly! (Also, it appears that a duplicate case #00769369 was also submitted, so I went ahead and closed that ticket to avoid confusion). I'll be in touch via email from within your case as soon as possible -- your patience is appreciated! :)

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