Audio Export from Inserted Presenter Video in PPT

Dec 14, 2017

I have recorded a number of videos within the courses that I created using PowerPoint and Presenter 13. I want to export the audio portion of the video but have been unsuccessful. Any slide within the course that contains a Presenter Video apparently will not export the audio portion. Has anyone found a solution or am I doing something wrong? I have tried to export using the audio editor which exports the audio from each slide individually as an mp3 except for the slides with video. I have also tried to click on the Import Audio button and then select the EXPORT which exports a single aggregated audio file but that also skips the audio portion of any video that has been embedded. HELP!  

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Dave Neuweiler

Hello Mick, since the audio you want to extract is embedded in the video, the Audio Editor won't help.

You will need to put the video file into a video editing program, and extract the audio there (more accurately, video editing software splits the audio from the video portion, and then the audio portion can be exported as an MP3).

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