Audio not backing up properly

Jul 04, 2013

Hi I'm having trouble with my audio saving. I have a large course almost 70 slides. I'm finding if I save my courses under a new name "save as" it doesn't take the audio with it. Some times when I save the course and reopen the same file the audio is completely empty. Do you have any idea why this would happen and how I can prevent it and is there a way to recover the audio that was edited in articultate? Its the only file with the same name on the computer. Also, if you save the course with another name should it not save the audio also?

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Nicole Legault

Hi Karen, 

Sorry to hear you're having this trouble with saving your audio in Articulate Presenter. 

Here's a link that might answer the question as to why you're having this issue: Articulate Presenter >> Audio Editor Does Not Import or Save Audio. If you find it's not a problem with Articulate Presenter Communicator, please report back and I'll be happy to try to help you resolve the issue!


Daniel Brigham

Hi, Karen: Of course, I'm not sure exactly what's going down, but if this were happening to me (and the stuff in the open link Nicole graciously supplied didn't help), I'd suspect that the Studio template you are currently working with is corrupt. If the problem persisted, I'd open up a new Presenter file and import the old material into it. Sometimes a file is just bad (happens in Storyline, too).

I'd also back up my audio religiously, until I knew stuff wasn't going to disappear. To do so, click on the articulate "a" in the top left of the audio editor, and you'll see an "export audio" thingy. --Daniel

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