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Sep 27, 2013


I'm having an issue with recorded audio not saving in Presenter.  I've been working with an SME who has been recording the narration for a course.  I know there can be issues with saving to a shared network drive, so we've tried both, saving locally and to the network, and either way, the audio doesn't show up.  He recorded a ton last night and saved and emailed me the file, which keeps opening read-only.  When I re-save, the audio is gone.  He had originally saved to his desktop and the audio is there in that file.  Is there any way to pull out the audio from the version on his desktop and place it into the version I have?  Is the shared drive the probable issue?  

I've only recorded narration for one other course in Articulate so far and I did everything myself, so I didn't have to worry about someone else opening it or having to save it to the shared network.

Thank you!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laura,

Is the SME recording the audio from within Presenter? If so, to share all the resources together he'll need to make a Presenter package to send it along to you. 

In addition to saving the files to your local drive to import them, you'll want to avoid using folder names or paths with spaces or non-Western characters.

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