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Okay, so I know I need to ALWAYS PUBLISH TO MY LOCAL DRIVE (sorry for shouting), but here is my problem.  I and my staff are creating seperate modules of a single topic.  So we need to publish them to one location so they can be approve by management prior to being placed on our "innerweb" for viewing.  So we are publishing them to our shared drive which we all (the training department) have equal access.  There are no major problems, other than about 15% of the time, we are losing our narration when we save and close.  Is this a shared drive issue and if so, what other choice do we have than to publish to the network so that our work is in one central location.  I am currently working on one module that every time I close PowerPoint (after saving so don't say it) and then open Powerpoint again, my narration is missing even without publishing to the network drive.

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Peter Anderson

Hi Roy,

My money would be on the loss of narration being directly linked to the shared drive. If you're looking for a place to share content with your colleagues while allowing access to everyone, maybe something like Dropbox would work for you? 

As for recovering the lost audio, you may want to try the steps listed here

Let us know how it goes, Roy. Good luck

Roy Gleason

Thanks for the reply Peter,

Because I (we) work for a government office, storing our finished pieces (the unpublished powerpoint presentatins) on our local drive that only the individual trainer can access is really not the optimum option.  Being a government office, storing our material in Dropbox or other external locations is also not really an option.  Again, just so I am clear, I can record narration to the presentation and as long as I don't closes the presentation, I can edit the narration and publish to the shared drive with no issues.  The problem is when I close the presentation the audio is lost, but only some of the time.  We have found that some of the time, it comes back after 24-hours????   I can go in and see the files (red pptp files) that have been created with content (1000-2000 kb) but once they are openned the data drops to 2kb and the audio is lost.  Is moving the presentations from the shared drive to one PC's local drive, without openning them, an option or will that also cause issues?

Roy Gleason

Hi Peter,

So trying to move files from shared drive to C drive.  I can see the pptp files are there in the shared drive and after I move them to the local drive.  Once I open the powerpoint the audio files are gone.  When I re-record the narration and save to the local drive, then re-open the powerpoint, they are again missing.  I have tried recording the narration saving and immediately creating the zip-file but the narration is not being saved.  Am I doing something wrong (I know it is hard to tell via posts) or are my powerpoint files possibly corrupted and need to be re-created from scratch?  At this point I am afraid to open any more training modules to check them and I cannot repair the ones missing narration.  Any help or other advise you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Peter Anderson

Really sorry for the trouble, Roy. Would you like to send us the files so we can test them out for you? Anything you send us will be kept strictly confidential. First, create an Articulate Presenter Package of your presentation as described here. Then upload the resulting zip file from your computer on the second page of this form, and we''ll attempt to diagnose what's happening when we receive your upload. Thanks!

Roy Gleason

Okay Peter,

I have sent a sample of one of my training pieces and a screen recording of exactly what I am doing (a really nice feature by the way).  I don't think I need to send all of the training pieces as we are going to continue to create them and I am not sure if it is pilot error or a software issue (installed by out IT Department with a small amount of difficulty) that is causing this problem.  Hope to hear back from all of you very soon.