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Apr 18, 2011

I am new to the Articulate Products and been converting / developing / learning some of our companys previous instructor based courses into a eLearning format.

I have having perplexing issues when it comes to the narration / voiceover function

I am using Office 2003 / Latest Articulate Product Family / Blue Yeti Microphone using cardoid function and Windows XP (For now)

When recording the voiceover I use the Presenter menu from inside powerpoint and record narration, very easy process.

Then I use the built in Audio Editor function for clean up my mistakes and retakes etc.. I preview my changes right inside the audio editor and things sound very good to me quality / clarity etc.

My real frustration comes in when I preview the slide with presenter the audio sounds tinney / slightly garbled and low quality. I go back in the presenter audio editor replay and sounds great....

I have tried cleaning up the audio in Audio Soundbooth by exporting my narrations in WAV format, and the same poor results happen when I publish and or preview the course in presenter.

Can any help with this???

Thank you,


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Gerry Wasiluk

Can you attach a sample audio file?  I'm wondering if some of the audio gurus here might be able to suggest something.

I use Audacity and have to admit I struggle a bit sometimes also when cleaning up audio.

Also, can you descibe the environment you use to record the audio?  Hard walls?  Drapes?

Also, when you to your Control Panel > Sound > recording and look at the settings for your mic's Levels under Properties, what do you see?  I have a blue Yeti also and usually have my level to around 80.  Have never played with the Windows audio Microphone Boost function, however.

Justin Wilcox

Hello and welcome to the forums! The simple reason that the audio does not sound as good is Presenter publishes audio by default at 24 kbps which is significantly lower than what you are hearing in the audio editor which is 192 kbps. The reason that Presenter does this is to improve playback over low bandwidth connections. Here's an article that outlines this:

What I would really recommend doing to improve audio quality is follow the steps outlined here:

To do the steps outlined there you would need to export your audio from your presentation as WAV files:

Once you have adjusted your audio using the levelator and increasing the bass in Audacity using the Bass Boost function, you can then import the audio following the steps outlined here:

This will dramatically improve the audio quality of your presentation. For more tips, see:

Getting a decent condenser microphone and a windscreen are essential for recording narration in my opinion.

Gary Galmin

Here is attached file I exported in WAV format.

I can play this in media player and sounds good to me.

I did these recordings at home in my dining room with a quiet house and my kids taking their afternoon nap. My dining room has plaster walls and two windows.

My question is should I increase the gain function on the microphone in order to compensate for the processing Presenter might do to it when previewing or publishing?

I am also using a pretty up to date laptop, a lenovo W510 Model.

Thank you,


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