Audio narration not working but audio editor is

Sep 06, 2014

There is probably an easy solution but I can't find it.

I'm using Presenter 13 on a Mac with Parallels and finding everything ok, other than when I try to record with Audio Narration function the audio plays back once I have recorded it but once I save and close and then go to preview (or publish) there is no audio.

However when I record audio through the audio editor it all works fine and the audio is present when in preview and when published.

It's not a big problem but I want to record audio and add annotations at the same time, and this is only possible if I use the Audio Narration function.

Any thoughts?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Peter and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Looks as if you are wanting to Sync Animations and Record your Narration at the same time as explained in this tutorial.

Please check out the documentation here for common reasons your audio may be missing. Most importantly be sure that you are working locally. You may also need to conduct a repair of your software.

Jeanne Miller

I'm having the same problem only I did use the Articulate Presenter narration (NOT Powerpoint) to record the video. The audio can be heard in preview mode but not when I publish for LMS in Presenter 13. I checked all the points in your article on audio issues and none apply. I exported the audio files and reimported into each slide--still no audio. I do not have the time or money to re-record all the audio for the many, many articulate presentations I built in '09. If I had know about this problem--if you had ANYWHERE mentioned that this was an issue--I NEVER would have upgraded. Please help!

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