Auto Shapes (ppt) cut-off when articulated

Mar 03, 2011

Hi all,

I was just wondering why my animated powerpoint auto-shapes (arrows and call-outs), that I use to help with navigation in branched scenarios, are cut off when I articulate the powerpoint. Have any of you experienced this and found a fix? I've tried moving them all around the page and tried saving them as .emf and .png and bringing them and nothing I've tired has fixed the problem.

Any help, previous post, anything...would be useful. Thx!

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Brandy Rainwater

Thanks so much for the link!

If you add a Wipe animation to a presentation you may find that the animation does not complete. There are two possible workarounds for this behavior.

  1. Replace the Wipe animation with a different animation like Fade or Appear.
  2. Add an additional object to the PowerPoint slide like an invisible box. Apply an animation to that after the last wipe animation.

The animation I had applied WAS the wipe effect. I tried the 2nd option first and it didn't work for me but I changed the animation to a faded zoom and now they all work perfectly.

Thanks for the help!

Jessie Zaruba


I was just struggling with this myself. I wanted to make the second solution work so that I could retain the wipe animation. Adding an invisible box to appear after my wipe wasn't helping, but when I changed my invisible box to appear on a click, suddenly my wipe was able to complete just fine. I realize you probably aren't working on that project anymore, but perhaps that might be worth a try for you in the future.

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