Automatic Slide Progression

Jul 04, 2011


Is there a feature in Articulate Presenter that allows a slide to move to the next slide after X amount of seconds? If so, can this vary from slide to slide?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Derek, if you go to Slide Properties and change the advance behavior to automatic, the slides will advance on their own. You can set the default slide duration by going to the Articulate menu and choosing Presentation Options > Publish and changing the value for the topmost field ("Slides without audio or animation display for ___ seconds").

If you'd like some of your slides to display longer than the default, you can force the duration by importing or recording some silent audio that is whatever length you'd like your slides to be.

Another method is to add a shape to your slide, apply an animation to it, and then move it off of the slide stage so it's invisible to your learners. Then adjust the PowerPoint timeline so that the animation happens at whatever duration you want the slide to be.

Hope that helps!

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