Automation Error when inserting quiz

Jan 28, 2013

I can no longer insert (and therefore update) any quizzes in Presenter as I get the following errors every time.  This happens no matter what I do with the files, i.e. using original files, creating blank/fresh files ... Have uninstalled Studio (update 8) and Office 2007 then reinstalled - but still it happens.  The first error appears when inserting > click "OK" > the second error appears ad infinitum > nothing gets inserted as it just keeps popping up.

Can't find any other info on the forum or via Google.  Any ideas?


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Simon!

Has anything changed on the machine? Any updates to Office, etc.? Also, it looks like you're using Articulate Presenter '05, from the error - is that right, or are you using '09? If you are using '09, please make sure you've taken all the steps outlined in this article

Also, just want to make sure you're working with files on your local hard drive (I'm sure you've seen all of that information before, just want to confirm). 


Simon Perkins

Hi Christine

I'll check my Windows Updater for anything that's been installed over the last few days ... and then go through that link to see if anything needs tweaking.  Seems v weird though because it was working fine earlier last week when I updated some old modules.

Am working with local files (always) and running AP 09:


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