Back Only random message

I have a course built in Articulate 09 that has been working well for year in our LMS.  We recently found a typo we wanted to correct and while watching the whole course for QA, stopped at slide 12 displaying a Back Only message out of the blue.  Can you please help me to find out what is not working since I did not modify the original settings, please? Thank you!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Millie!

I just responded to your post here.

So, in combining the two responses that you've shared here. It sounds as if you have the navigation set to restricted, and the 'Back Only' message that you are referring to is a feature of Presenter '09. It would present itself when a user would hit 'next' prematurely or try to move ahead.

Millie Marchetti

No, I do not see any problem; however this is a free navigation version.  May be that is unrelated.  I ended up switching the position of the correct and incorrect answers so the correct answer launches automatically to the next slide and the incorrect answer goes back to the slide/question.  I have also published it in a different computer outside my office networking and it worked so far.