Backing up Articulate Files via Cloud Storage

Dec 08, 2013


I am interested in backing up my Articulate files via a cloud based storage tool. I have been researching different storage tools and have been trying to determine which works with different files. Since the files are encrypted, I am concerned that if I need to use the files again and try and restore the files there will be issues with them.

If you have any experience with cloud based file storage tools, I would appreciate the input.



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David Anderson

In addition to Dropbox, I've been using a lot this year. What I like about Cubby over Dropbox is the option of peer-to-peer syncing without using the cloud.

This means I can sync folders between all my computers and never upload those folder to the cloud. I can sync from home or on the road but I don't need to put everything in the cloud.

Just another option to consider for backups.

David Anderson

Here's what I'm looking at as my next backup/sync option: Transporter

It's like having your own Dropbox server. Small, network hard drive that enables private syncing with the option to share specific folders with users.

Like Cubby, it doesn't use the cloud, but it does enable peer-to-peer syncing with the ability to add users accounts. 

David Anderson

Hi Barbara - Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Are you asking about using Dropbox as a folder to back up your projects or as a way to share published output of courses?

If you're using as a backup, then it's really like any other folder on your computer--that's what makes it so popular! As a team, we use Dropbox for all of our shared and archived projects. There's the main Dropbox folder, then sub-folders for each project.

Dropbox offers free 30-day archiving of files and the option to purchase unlimited archiving. I think it's around $30 a year for the unlimited but it's worth it. I can't tell you how many times I've traveled only to realize something was missing from my travel laptop. The unlimited option makes it easy to restore files from any date.

If you're asking about sharing your published courses in Dropbox, let me know and I'll share some links that will help.

Steve Lyne

Hi Lauren,

I'm using CrashPlan.  For just a few dollars a month you can back up every 5 minutes or once a year - or anything in between.  The process all occurs in the background - you don't actually have to remember to do it.  The thing I like (and have needed!) is that you can retrieve files from any given date - so you have built in version control.  They claim that they never delete old files - unlike another provider I used who kept files for 3 months only.  I also use the software to do on-site backups for extra security.  The software is very intuitive.  I'm using CrashPlan Australia but I guess they are world wide (they have a US patent).


Jacob Henenberg

Barbara Hacker said:

Directions on saving Studio 13 or Storyline programs to Dropbox?

Hi Barbara,

Here is a help page from Dropbox on how to upload files.

You can backup your unpublished Storyline projects to Dropbox by uploading your .story files.

If you'd like to test a published version of your project, you can use the public folder in Dropbox.

Here is a help page from Dropbox on how the public folder works.

Note, if you don't already have a Dropbox account, you will need to create a Public folder manually.

For some reason, the Dropbox company decided to 'hide' the public folder feature for all new accounts created after October 4th, 2012 - beats me as to why they did that.

So to create one manually, first log in to your Dropbox account, and then open a new tab in your browser.

Then, click this link to restore your Dropbox public folder.

Ensure you upload your entire project folder (I.e. the 'storyname output' folder) to the public folder.

Once you have your public folder up and running, simply create a public link to your 'story.html' (Or 'story.html5', if you published Storyline your project using HTML5). If you need help on how to do this, refer to the Dropbox help link 'how the public folder works' that I posted above.

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