Best Options for Hosting an Articulate course

Oct 17, 2011

Hello, we currently use Articulate on a hosted LMS that's accessible only by our employees. However, someone in our company has asked me about posting some Articulate-developed courses on a site that could be accessed by external users (such as our clients).

Optimally, they want users to access or launch the course via a registration tool (eTouches) and then have the course send the "Completion" data back to eTouches via the API. Failing that, they'd like to find a host for the courses and then get the Completion data from that host (users would still launch or access the course from eTouches). Any ideas?

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Dave  Evans

Hi Rick,

Take a look at accessplan LMS, its a solution designed specifically for elearning vendors or companies managing external deligates. It allows the full registration, payment, access and tracking on elearning courses - this can either sit within your website or a dedicated learning portal.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions.

Carrie Booth

Hey Rick, this is a super old thread, but consider posting them to google drive.

I do this all the time and love it!  I then make little links to teh content... I use it for rough drafts for clients all the time and just fun teaching tools!





Jason Haag

Veracity Learning ( recently added hosting options to their LRS as well. So if you don't have an LMS and you also don't have a web server to host your content, this is a simple and affordable alternative. It also provides a way for you to add learners and a login capability that you would normally expect in an LMS.

I recently posted a tutorial on how to use this feature (if you're interested):