"blinking" hyperlinked slides


I am working on a small project with 8 slides. The first slide includes a main menu with hyperlinks to the rest of the 7 slides. On each slide of the 7, there’s a hyperlink linking back to the main slide. All links work great. However, every time I click the screen “blinks” before opening the page. Any idea how I can eliminate the “blink” part?


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Brian Allen

Hello Anton, a few questions: 

  1. Are you viewing the content locally (like previewing) or are you publishing and uploading to a web server, then viewing?
  2. What type of device are you viewing the content on?
  3. Are you viewing Flash, Articulate Mobile player or HTML5 output?
  4. If viewing content from a web server, do you have a slow internet connection?
Tony Lahoud

Thanks for your response.

If you could provide further explanation or threads for explanation about what's the different outputs are all about. In any case, here are the answers:

1.     I am viewing it after publishing locally and on a server.

2.     The device is a desktop PC.

3.     I believe that the output is Flash (isn’t this what is generated by Articulate Presenter or is it capable for more in the Publishing process)

4.     I have a fast internet connection (cable)

Thanks again.

Phil Mayor

Presenter loads 3 slides ahead (the current slide + 2 more).  If you link outside of this then there will be a delay whilst presenter attempts to catch up.  You can minimise the "blink" by trying to ensure the slides use the same master (Presenter slides are made up of three layers, master, content and media). It may not be possible to make this seamless though.