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Apr 11, 2018

Hi All,

We are often required to republish an older course to ensure it is compatible with the latest browsers and to take advantage of better mobile solution.

We have many older courses built in older versions of Studio. If a learner is 1/2 way through a course, and we republish and replace the existing course, when the user clicks on "resume course," the course freezes. (If the learner chooses not to resume, it works fine.)

If we republish as auto-resume, the course immediately freezes.

We are working the Absorb LMS angle, but we all suspect this is Articulate related.

Any advice?

 p.s. Note that we have tried a wide variety of courses with the same result. All of our courses are over 100MB so we cannot easily test on SCORMCloud.

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Content Developer

I think that this article can be useful to you: . Indeed, behaviour may be more erratic than that described in the article (sometimes it will resume with no problems, some other times it will freeze or resume with some weird errors, etc.). But the point is that this is not a function supported by Articulate.

Content Developer

You're welcome Keith!

I admit that I did not find a solution for this problem, since it appears to be a "two-sided" issue: the suspend_data sent by SL (or any other Articulate software) and how the LMS interprets it... i've encountered the same behaviour with Docebo, the resume function works (most of the time - not always) in that LMS even if you reload the package with minor changes.

On your second point, I think that in that case the bookmark works because the suspend_data is stored by the LMS, and if you reload the original package it "recognizes" the older bookmark structure and data flows just fine.

Just guessing, by the way... hope that someone from Articulate can offer a solution for this issue!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Keith,

Studio '13 and Studio 360 can't be installed on the same computer, so you'd need to uninstall 360 and install '13. Keep in mind that files you've edited in Studio 360 can't be opened in Studio '13. 

As for the bookmarking issue, the information Dario shared is correct. If you're publishing a new copy of a course and overwriting the existing one in your LMS it should reset all the resume data. We've heard a few examples where it's frozen, but it's been LMS specific. If you'd like our team to test, we're happy to as we have a SCORM Cloud account that accommodates more than 100mb. 

Upload a copy of your Presenter package to us here.

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