Branching in Presenter

I have created a project with branching to three different learning paths.  I locked a screen and had each learner hyperlinks to their path.  Then, I tried to use the slide properties to have them skip the other slides.  It did not work.

My question is, I have watched the videos and searched questions, but can not seem to get the presentation to branch forward using the slide properties.  It will however branch to the previous slides appropriately.

Please help....what else should I be checking?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Yvonne, welcome to the community!

Is your navigation restricted, by any chance? If you set the navigation to Restricted in your player template, note that branching via Slide Properties will not work. This article discusses why in more detail.

Let us know if that's the issue, or how else we can help. 

Thanks, Yvonne!

Steve Saurs

I have 6 state versions of a product presentation.  I would like to have the viewer select their state at the beginning and have it only show the slides in the presentation that apply to that state.  I have built all of the state version slides within one presentation.  Is this possible in Articulate.