Branching Issues

Sep 30, 2012

I am in desire need of help. I am a self taught Articulate user, using it about 4 years now. I have never intercountered this problem and can not figure how to fix it. I usually can find my way of fixing things but for some reason that this.


Branching... What I do is on a quiz slide (not using quizmaker) I right click to add a hyperlink to direct the user to the neccessary slide. Once I've done this I always double check by right clicking again and click on "Open hyperlink" to make sure I have the branching correct. BUT whenever I go to publish preview or acutal publish it directs the

end user to another slide even though I have the hyperlink correct.
What am I doing wrong? I have tried to remove all hyperlinks and resave my project. I've created the quiz slide and did the branching over again and still it happens. It has only happened on the last three course I've developed. The first five course have been fine.
Can you help me?
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Jeanette Brooks

Hey Windy, if you're previewing your course (rather than publishing), this is probably the cause of the issue. Hyperlinks don't work during preview, so you'll need to publish in order to test them.

Another thing to check: if your hyperlinked item is part of a group of objects, sometimes that can also cause issues with the hyperlink not working as expected when you publish. 

Also, I'd recommend checking this article on which hyperlinks are supported.

If you continue to have trouble, feel free to submit your project to our support team so they can take a look and help you troubleshoot.

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