Branching problem

Aug 14, 2013

I’m having a couple of problems with a presentation I’ve created. The presentation itself just provides an overview of a full course, it has no quizzes or interactions.  The slides are mostly standard view with only a ‘Notes’ tab.

The first slide is in standard view but it sort of gets stuck and the slide information only comes out part way. If I advance to the next slide and then go back it’s fine. As a temporary step I’ve created a dummy page which just says, ‘Loading…’ which automatically advances. With this added the slide appears correctly.

My second problem is a little weird. I decided to give people a choice between a ‘text only’ version and one with a video in the presenter panel.  So I duplicated the text version and added it on to the end of the presentation. The first lot of slides just has my photo and bio in the presenter panel  (slides 4 to 14) and the second lot (15 to 25) has me talking in the presenter panel.

The third slide (it's really slide 2 but now 3 by virtue of the additional 'Loading' slide mentioned above it's become slide 3) is locked and 2 hyperlinked buttons gives delegates a choice, they either go to slide 4 (text only) or slide 15 (the video version). These links works just fine. In fact if they choose the text version there’s no problem at all. However if they opt for the video version the first slide (15) actually works ok. This slide gives them the another option, to hyperlink to the next slide (which provides additional information) or to just click the ‘continue button’. If they choose to continue then instead of continuing with the video presentation it shoots them back to the text version (ie it goes back to slide 4 instead of advancing to slide 17).

In summary (ignoring the dummy first page)...

Slide 1 – goes to slide 2 (which is locked and in slide only view) and that gives the choice between the 2 versions.

If the text version is chosen everything proceeds ok from here.

The other link jumps to the video version on slide 15. Slide 15 offers a hyperlink to the next slide (16) which you can ignore by simply clicking on the continue button which should jump to slide 17 but instead whisks you back to slide 3 and from there continues with just the text version.

Obviously I’ve set the necessary branching in Slide Properties.

Apologies for the tediously long description above. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


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Tony Youens

Well I seem to have sorted out the weird branching problem. It seems this was probably because I copied each slide rather than producing new ones. So I created some new slides for the video section and just copied the text/graphics and animation into them. Then copied and pasted my slide notes - and deleted the original of course.

I'm guessing just copying the slides confused PowerPoint somehow, it couldn't tell the difference between the original and the copy. I did try just renaming them first but that didn't work.

Still confused over the first slide not loading properly though.

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