Video Doesnt Work

I placed an FLV video in an early side of my presentation via the presenter control panel that worked fine.

I then plaved a different FLV video in the presentation via the presenter control panel, and after publishing it doesnt show, after which it is deleted.

Basically, so far only the first of two videos I placed will work after I publish.

I even tried re-converting to FLV via the Articulate encoder. Still doesnt work.

Does Presenter only support one video?

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Jonathan Colson

Im about ready to give up on it.

I tried over and over, re-encoding the video, making it a smaller file size (smaller than the first video) and trying other slides.

I even deleted the video on the earlier slide and re-inserted it on a later slide and still nothing. I tried puting the same video in other slides after deleting the first and they still wont publish. Basically, the only slide it will work in is the original video slide (slide 7).

So, it has nothing to do with the first video, or the types of videos, just that they will only work in the one slide.

Jonathan Colson

David Anderson said:

Hi Jonathan - Looks like there's one video in the files you sent. Do you want me to try and insert that into multiple slides? Slides 7 and 11, for example?

Yes, I would like you to see if you can get videos to work in all the slides instead of just the few in the beginning. Slide 7 works, but I cant get them to work in anything after 11. The FLV I sent was just to test it.

David Anderson

Jonathan - the videos are playing correctly across all slides.

Just to double-check, when you insert each video, you're going to:

Articulate > Insert Flash Movie > and selecting a video. Are you modifying any of the settings in the Insert Flash movie window? Not that it should cause issues, but I'd like to retrace your same steps for inserting videos.

David Anderson

Jonathan - I am now seeing what you mean--the videos are being deleted from the slide even when I preview.

Here's how I fixed it. I opened Slide Masters and deleted the content placeholders. It didn't look like you were using the placeholders so you should either: delete them or apply a different slide layout to Slides 11 and 12.

I don't know why the placeholders were causing the issues, but applying a Title Only layout or deleting the placeholders from the Slide Master seems to resolve the issue.

Jill Freeman

Hi, David. I know this thread is a bit old, but I have also been struggling with inserting videos. After publishing, they were not visible and did not play -- and they would also disappear from the PowerPoint slide.  I have rebuilt my master templates, thinking it was a corrupt slide somewhere. I converted some of the videos from MP4 to FLV. I reinstalled Articulate. Eventually the problem went away and the videos play fine (of course, not certain what fixed it). Now my associate is encountering the same issue, and rebuilding/reinstalling did not solve her problem. A solution that worked once for me, but not for my associate, is to click on the content placeholder first, then insert the video.

This is really hurting our productivity, and my client thinks we are nimrods.  I will submit a case so you can help troubleshoot. Thanks, David.  -Jill Freeman, Digital Harbor

David Anderson

Hi Jill,

It looks like the videos were inserted via PowerPoint and not Articulate > Insert > Flash Movie.

Looking at the videos in the Selection Pane, I see there are triggers applied to videos... That's not supported in Presenter '09. But, if you delete then re-insert via Articulate > Insert > Flash Movie, things seem to play okay. Do you mind trying that and letting me know how it works?

Jill Freeman

David, I'm sorry I did not look closely at how she inserted the videos.

She just informed me that she was able to successfully publish videos, by removing all placeholders, and using a blank slide instead of our template. (I suspect she may have actually figured out the correct method to insert video through the Articulate tab.)

I had significant trouble last week, as Jonathan did here, using the correct method. If the placeholder steps are a consistent workaround, we are good.

Thanks for your help! -Jill

Jonathan Sandström

Reviving the thread...

I think I have sort of the same problem as earlier described but I´ll try and do my best and describe what is happening for me.

I´ve uploaded a FLV movie which is inserted at slide 3 in an E-learning and when in "preview-mode" it works fine. Even so, as soon as I publish and try to view the whole presentation it only shows a black screen with neither picture nor sound.

I´ve read about and tried master slides and the likes but still no progress, do you have any useful tips?