Streaming Video into Presenter Panel

Feb 22, 2011

Is it possible to stream video into the Presenter Panel? I've searched the forums and knowledge base, but only find information about streaming in general.

I have a streaming server. Check.

And I've borrowed Dave Mozealous' code for loading videos into an FLA and publishing out to SWF. Check.

Published presentation to web server. Check.

Not working. Only thing I can think of is the videos are MP4 and not FLV - or - it's not possible to stream into that panel.

Anyone have success with this method?

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Steve Flowers

Hmm... My gut says you'll need to migrate to AS3 to load MP4's. But I haven't tested this theory. Most of my custom coded FLV players are AS3. There are plenty of ways to do this in AS3, less methods and patterns available in AS2 (less control). I'll sift through some of my code archives tomorrow morning over coffee. 

The crossdomain file is an easy fix and the first thing I'd check. Flash will likely just flat out refuse to load the media from another host without this established trust.

Kevin Thorn

Not up to speed on AS3 well enough yet, so anything you're willing to share would be awesome! 

I'll forward the crossdomain suggested fix to my client. I don't have access to their streaming server so hopefully they will understand.

Still wondering if streaming MP4 might be part of the problem, too.

Been at this over 3 hours. My head hurts. Off to find a pillow... 

Kevin Thorn

Not using AS3. If I'm correct, Articulate (today) publishes out as AS2, so any AS3 will not work anyway.

Problem is the links to the media server are for MP4s. I've asked the client to make a set of links with FLVs but haven't heard back yet. Also, mentioned to crossdomain policy and they are going to look into it on their end.

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