Bullet points disappear in Asian Languages.

May 09, 2014


I'm creating some e-Learning of Asian language.

When I publish to LMS and see presentation.html in browser, bullet points in the slides are showing without any problems, however, when I see presentation_html5.html, the bullet points disappear in some cases.


This problem does not happen in any e-Learning of English language.


- Example (Disappearing bullet points)


  • Adding bullet points to Chinese text lines in a textbox of PowerPoint slide.
  • Setting animation effects on the textbox so that each text line shows up step-by-step.
  • Publishing to LMS.
  • When viewing presentation_html5.html in any browser, bullet points disappear as you can see the attached screenshot.


- Machine environment


Windows 7 64bit

PowerPoint 2007

Articulate13 Update2 1402.2817


Any support would be appreciated.




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Hiroki Nakashima


I was hoping that this issue is fixed inthe most current update of Articulate13 "Update 3 (7/21/2014)".

Before updating:

Bullet points disappear in Asian Languageswhen viewing HTML5 output.

(Please refer to my previous post.)

After updating:

Bullet points disappear not only in Asianlanguages but also other Western European languages (German, French, Spanish..)

when viewing HTML5 output.

If you copy&paste some non-Englishcharacters below on the textbox in a PowerPoint slide, the bullet pointsdisappear in HTML5 output.



Western European




Any information about this issue would beappreciated.



Plozas Ang

Thanks Hiroki! For finding out is update 3 problem.

Not only for those. I think some special character also go missing... this ½ also make bullet missing.

I just encounter this point and i was pulling my hairs worry those I created previously have this problem which i missed out.

I created a test version. n seem everything missing here n there... LOTS OF problem~!

Will have to try uninstall and reinstall everything to make it works and won't install update 3 until all its fix.

Please please please fix this asap~!

Håkan Olofsson

Hi Alyssa,


Yes, there are bullet points visible in your sample. Therefore I did a simple test file myself, and noticed that the bullet points only disappear in HTML5 output if they are animated.
Please try and set an Appear animation on each line in the slide and you should see(?) them disappear (hopefully).



Håkan Olofsson

Yes, the animation is not set to the placeholder containing the bullet point list, but each line has it's individual animation. I assume that's equivalent.

I noticed two additional issues seen in the HTML5 output, which do not appear in Flash Player:

  1. Hotspot quiz question inserted in Presenter, reports incorrect result when clicking within the correct zone, see attached screenshot.
  2. for a Glossary interaction inserted into Presenter, screen cursor is not "synchronized" to the player, see attached screenshot. It gets worse when you go further to the right or further down on the screen, so there seems to be a scaling issue (perhaps the same issue as the hotspot above?) The Glossary interaction works though, if  player size is locked at it's optimal size (not allowed to scale in the browser), however locking the size does not fix the hotspot issue...
Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for the details on those issues, Håkan. 

We're finding that hotspot questions in HTML5 are always marked incorrect when the embedded Quizmaker quiz has different dimensions than the Presenter presentation. For example, if the quiz is 4:3 and the presentation is 16:9, hotspot questions will always be marked incorrect. Does that seem to match what you're seeing?

A workaround would be to use the same dimensions for the quiz as you use for the presentation.

We haven't come across the glossary sync issue with the cursor, but I'll definitely give it a test on my end and let you know what I find.

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