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Hi there, Articulate 360 (latest update), Office 365 all working great except the output of the Notes section gives a few things.

If I use the Articulate font, the Notes are Blurred (Yes I'm using the Notes panel to format)

If I change to Arial, all is ok - Except that Bullet Points are not aligned very well.  See attachment.    What do you recommend? 

It the same in Flash and HTML5 ...

Cheers, Graham

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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for reaching out, Graham! It sounds like you're encountering two different issues here, so let's tackle them one at a time.

  1. Notes are blurry with Articulate Font: Can you share a screenshot of what the notes text looks like with Articulate font? I'd like to compare it to your screenshot with Arial font.
  2. Misaligned bullet points: Did you copy/paste the bulleted text from another document, or did you use the bullets tool in the Home tab?
Alyssa Gomez

Yikes, that's really blurry! Thanks for the screenshot. Would you be willing to share your file with our Support Team? I'd like for us to look into this further. 

First, create an Articulate Package by following these steps. Then, click here to submit the zipped package to our team. We'll let you know what we find!

Graham Francis

I seem to have gotten past the Blurring by applying the latest update - BUT, now bullets are not aligned as where were when using Articulate 13.   I have put together a Package file with slides and Notes, the Slides have the explanation on what's happening in the Notes.  Can you take a look please?

Graham Francis

Wow, hope this gets fixed as it's a simple alignment issue.

Thx, Graham

Graham Francis


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