Bullets - added by Presenter when published

Has anyone dealt with this before? - My powerpoint slide contains a sentence followed by a bullet list.  Looks great in pwrpt.  When published, however, Presenter is inserting a bullet in front of the leading sentence.  This is happening in all pages with a bullet list.

Same file published a year ago with no issues.  Suddenly...I'm looking at re-creating a 358 page course to remove these inserted bullets.

Powerpoint 2010

Articulate Presenter 09

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Steve. Welcome to the community!

Thank you for the file, I took a look and I'm seeing the same thing when I publish and upload the content. Would you mind submitting the file to our technical department, so they can take a look? Also, please share the case details with me so I can update this thread with any suggestions or solutions.