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Sep 07, 2011

I probably just need to vent...or cry...maybe both. Animating my last slide of a  55 plus presentation and all my audio was dumped. Two days of animation gone down the drain. Has anyone encountered this and know what is the cause? It's happened to me before. to cry.



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Debbie Palmer-Mack

Robert Kennedy said:

Is the ppta file still there?  I have experienced it before as well.  Frustrating I know.  But, the ppta file is where the audio is loaded and so if that breaks, then the audio will disappear.  Also, are you on your local drive or are you working with files on a network drive?

Hey Robert...lost the audio in BOTH files! I am working on my local drives. :(

Russ Sawchuk

About a week ago I went to update a quiz on a Presenter course that we created and loaded to a client's website several months ago. Updating the quiz was fairly easy, but when I uploaded the course I found that all my audio was missing! I couldn't find it anywhere. Luckily we had the original audio files (we used a professional narrator). However, I still had to edit the audio, import and syncronize the animations. Total time was over 8 hours to get the course back online.

This is the first time I have had any problems with AR.I don't expect these types of problems to occur with quality software. I hope that Articulate will address this weakness in the next update of its software.


Debbie Palmer-Mack

Thanks for your input guys. It happened again. I just make sure I export all the audio files to a folder. At least I won't have to record them over. it just seems to be a quirk. Sometimes I go in and just update the audio for one slide and the whole thing disappears. However the last time it happened while I was in Audio Editor and I closed it and when asked if I wanted to save the work I had done I said "no". When I reopened AE, the audio was there. So maybe when you're working in AE and you lose the audio, try closing it with no changes and hopefully the files will stay put.

I am going to try to recreate the error again to see why this happens!

Happy Creating!


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