Can you crop a web object?

Sep 13, 2011

I'm creating a CBT for someone that doesn't want to have to deal with going into the CBT and update the contact slide every single time. They are wanting to reference a particular page on their website on who to contact (The MOC Engineer) since that page is always having to be updated when someone new takes the position(s). I was wondering is it possible to crop a web object? I love to be able to somehow just show the green area that shows the managers, engineers etc and get rid of the white area on the right hand side.

Hopefully this makes sense with my description since I had to delete a bunch before posting the pic.

Thanks ahead of time.

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Brock Culpepper

Brian...question regarding web objects...I wasn't sure if cropping in some way was my answer or not.  I created a Captivate 5.5 file with the dimensions of 720x540 so that it will fit perfectly in an Articulate slide.  When published and previewed as an independent file, the swf looks great!  I just learned that Articulate doesn't support AS3, so I'm creating an index file referencing my flash file and importing that object.  In my index file, I still use the height and width dimensions of 720 x 540.  When I import the web object into Articulate and preview, a lot of white space is created at the top and right of my flash file.  I'm trying multiple ways of repositioning, but my web object box goes beyond the Powerpoint slide borders before the content looks right, then the web object box looks covers areas that it doesn't need to cover, like the Attachment tab, etc.  How can I make the web object look just as it does in the flash file?  Thanks for your help.

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