Can you set a Presenter menu item to be visible when accessed?

Apr 08, 2014

In our courses we are required to hide the knowledge assessment in the Presenter menu. We don't want users to be able to skip to a knowledge assessment before viewing the course content. This was not an issue in Articulate 09 because the 09 Quizmaker showed the number of questions and question you were on within the Quizmaker player. Because that feature is no longer available in Quizmaker 13 and you can only see the number of questions/questions in the bank from the Presenter menu, the only way to see this information is by making the knowledge assessment visible in the menu. Is there a way to hide the knowledge assessment in the menu and then have it show in the menu once the user is directed to the knowledge assessment from the previous slide?

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Dawn Chamberlin

I don't think that solution will work as there are several decision branches that would be affected by that setting. Hopefully, since there have been a number of requests for the return of the number of questions being available in Quizmaker when run through Presenter again, Articulate will put it back. In the meantime, I am just going to have to hide the assessment and users will not be able to tell which question they are on and how many questions they have left to answer.

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