Cannot get Articulate to work on new 64 bit computer


Please can someone throw some light.

I uninstalled Articulate from my old PC. Installed it on my nice, new PC.

Immediately got errors. Seems to be looking for an old Flash.ocx. Then came across info that Articulate doesn't work with 64 bit Office? Annoyed, but uninstalled 64 bit office, installed 32 bit office. Still no luck. Articulate spewing errors. WOuldn't accept my serial. Reported me for a potential violation. Was sent new code for one part of the program. That didn't work. So have non-working program on brand new computer. Not sure where to start unpicking the mess. Have uninstalled and reinstalled Articulate which just seems to make it more convinced I am sitting here making black market copies. I am legit! I just want to make a movie!

All help and advice would be gratefully appreciated. This is very urgent.



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Ali Lister


Well. It has been quite a night. However, after a great deal of struggle, it looks like things are finally working. A giant vote of thanks to Niki, Jayem, Sid and John. Just waiting for my reg. numbers, and crossing everything.

Again, thanks.


PS the cure was a very long and complicated series of tests, uninstalls, updates, removal of programs, and reinstallations. Articulate have a very good procedure for it, if, like me, you buy a new machine ready installed with Office, not realising that the default 64 bit will break Articulate and others.