Captivate inserted as Web Object doesn't auto playon "some" device

Help.. I have several modules that I created the same way.. I inserted a captivate swf as a web object into presenter and launched it through our LMS. This works beautifully on most computers, but there are some that "hang" with just a gray screen when they get to the page where the captivate file is. The work around for now is to right click and click on play.. then the file plays.... does anyone have any ideas why this wouldn't auto start on all devices, or what on that device may cause it to not work correctly???

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Justin Wilcox

Could you ask someone who is having the issue to create some screenshots that outline what they need to do so we can understand what is exactly happening? Based on your description it doesn't sound like an Articulate issue, rather a Captivate issue. You might want to seek out some help from Adobe regrading this.

Hugh Gardner

Sumtotal had a hard time with us in understanding we wanted all media types supported and playable by the lms.  Apparently (and this is 3rd hand through many levels of support), they hadn't considered we would want to support more than IE as a browser and .flvs and other media types.  So we had to push to get Firefox and Safari supported and all commonly used media types loaded and ready to use in the LMS. 

Corey Thoma

Ok..another crazy issue related to this (and I have submitted a case to adobe as well..however want to see if anyone has experienced this?)...  I have some devices that pull up the course just fine.. the captivate swf launches the video..but doesn't play any audio... I cannot replicate this but have received calls on this from a few different people...

Hugh Gardner

Not sure on cause of that one, but I can help you avoid another fun Captivate bug related to audio.  Always leave the slide .1 or so seconds longer than the slide audio.  This makes Captivate break the file into smaller audio files inside of flash.  Otherwise, when it makes the flash file, if the audio files and slide lengths are the same, it "stitches" them together and you end up with a very long audio section that slowly gets out of synch with your non audio section.