Captivate Sim Web Object Won't Advance Slide Automatically

Apr 03, 2013

I have several Captivate 6 software simulations inserted as Web Objects that I have working. I have two concerns:

1) I can't seem to get the course to advance to the next slide automatically once the software simulation has ended. When I inserted the web object, I selected the "advance automatically" selection and within Articulate I have the slide set for "advance automatically"

2) I have many Camtasia recordings that I have working smoothly and quickly. I have a pre-loader working in the background that helps. When it gets to the Captivate Sim Web Object it has a very long load process: something like 20 seconds even though it is a small file. (And it seems to me like maybe the pre-loader should be helping with the SWF portion of the web object--if that's how it works--but it doesn't seem to help.) Any ideas???

Thanks in advance!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Keith!

I believe the problem lies with the fact that these are inserted as web objects. Presenter has no way of knowing the time for these interactions, since they're not actually in the slide - they're being pulled in from the web object. 

There are a few ways to get this working for you, if the interactions after a specific time. One of the methods I've seen for this is to add a silent audio to the slide, match it with the time in your simulations, and have the slide set to auto advance. 

Another option is to add a shape to your slide, and either make it invisible (by removing the fill and the outline) or move it off of the slide stage so that your users won't see it. Then, in PowerPoint's custom animation window, add an entrance effect (it doesn't matter which effect, since users will never see it) and change the Start setting to With Previous. Then change the Timing setting on the animation so that the Delay is set to the same amount of time as your video. 

Now, if your simulations require interactions, I'm not entirely sure this will work for you. It may be best to have the learner control the advancement of the slide, if that's the case. 

With the loader, you may want to make sure that you're publishing and uploading the presentation to a web server or LMS before you test this, if you haven't already. Again, the presentation is pulling content in from that web object. It may be an issue with loading it from the server that's hosting it, or possibly conflicting with the presentation when viewed locally. 

I hope this helps!


Keith Kemsley

Hi Christine,

Thanks for taking time to reply! You're the best!

1. With standard SWF simulations, which don't support right-click, I can have auto advance. With Web Object simulations, which do support right-click, it sounds like I should probably go without audo advance. Sad, but at least I know the logic. Thanks for the info!!

2. We are testing on the web. With SWF simulations produced in Captivate 3, it is snappy fast. When that same simulation is produced as a Web Ojbect in Captivate 6 to support "right click", the simulation load-time is like 20 seconds and there's even something like 5 seconds before the "loading" symbol arrives. If anyone has any ideas on this, I'm open to them. It might be the way I'm producing the files in Captivate 6.

Christine Hendrickson

Keith Kemsley said:

What I lack in brains, I make up for in... Wait. What? I lost my train of thought.

Haha, Keith! Nice!

Very happy to hear that you were able to get it working after disabling that option in the Captivate file. I will definitely keep this in mind if it comes up in the future. I'm sure others are using similar simulations and they'll appreciate the information. 

Thanks so much for keeping me updated and sharing this information!

Have a great day,


Jeff Schlaybach

Hi Keith,

Found your discussion about Web Object load times very timely!

I have  been trying to figure out how to insert Captivate 6 SWF files which utilize the right-mouse click feature, and so far have only been able to do this by inserting a Web Object as you mentioned above. But there are a number of disappointing things that happen for me when I use a Web Object as opposed to inserting a SWF directly:

1) I no longer have control of the movie (no synching) within Articulate '13 but must show the Captivate player nav bar which increases the size and adds to student confusion

2) The loads times are much longer as you mentioned

3) The overall feel is that this is not integrated into the Articulate player but is an add-on.

As to item #2 - where is this function in captivate 6. I'd like to turn it off as well and see if the LMS loads the Web Object quicker.

Thanks for the help!

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