embedding an interactive Captivate sim into Presenter

Oct 08, 2012

Is it possible to embed an interactive Captivate sim into Presenter and maintain the interactivity?  If so, how?  It doesn't work right when I try to embed it as an SWF or as a Web Object like others suggested.


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David Baker


Yes it is possible. I did it about a year ago...so I don't recall the steps. There was a blog post on this that outlined how to do it step by step...I used that as my instructions. 

There is something about inserting it as a web object and then adding/renaming the .htm file. I can take a look through some of my files to see if I can find the instructions. 

I just wanted to let you know that the answer is yes. 



Melissa Zepp

I tried the two links you gave me, and the advice didn't work.  Articulate just kept flashing the Captivate logo at me.  I really like the appearance in Articulate and would really like for that to work.  I thought it would be simple to just embed the Captivate in Articulate.  I'm thinking that in the interest of time I just need to move on and do my whole project in Captivate.

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