Captivate SWF Audio Plays During Course

Apr 05, 2013

Hi All,

I've been rummaging through the archives forever on this and thought I would just ask...

I have created three software simulations with user interaction using Captivate 3 so I can just insert the flash file in Articulate Presenter. When I play the course, I often hear the audio files from the inserted SWF's playing simultaneously near the beginning of the course over top of the regular Articulate slides. The SWF's are inserted much later in the course.

An interesting note: When I insert the SWF files into Articulate, the audio plays. I've never had audio play during the insert process of an SWF.

Does anyone have any ideas??

Some settings

Display in Slide

Advance automatically

Synch Slide and Movie

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Keith,

If you have a published presentation in which audio from multiple slides is playing simultaneously, it may indicate that there are PowerPoint shapes (text boxes or objects) in your presentation that have been named with special characters. You can correct this issue. Here’s how: 

Audio from multiple slides plays simultaneously – Articulate Presenter ’09 Knowledge Base

If you're still hearing the audio from your SWF files throughout other slides in your presentation, please create a Presenter Package and share the files with us so we can take a look at what's happening. 


Keith Kemsley

Hi Christine!

I went through all of the "audio on multiple slides" suggestions from the forums--including the various "special character" ideas and none of them worked.

Finally, I realized that Articulate was taking the audio from the first slide in the Captivate 3 SWF's and playing them at the wrong time; therefore, I created a fake first slide in Captivate 3 that lasts only .1 seconds. Because that fake intro slide in Captivate doesn't have any audio, the double-audio concern has gone away.

(I do have Captivate 6 and use it when I need a "right click", but inserting web objects into Articulate is manual, cumbersome, and requires more load time compared to inserting a flash file. Looking forward to the next rev of Studio! I'm hoping AS3 support will remedy these issues.)


Brian Hearn

I have a related issue but Flash is the program I'm using with Articulate, not Captivate. I imported an SWF file into Articulate Presenter. It has multiple audio files that are synced one after another. It plays fine by itself but when I publish the Articulate file and listen to it, all the audio files play on top of each other.

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