Captivate with movies (.flv) inside Presenter?

Sep 12, 2011

My client uses Presenter, but the module I'm working on will contain 6 to 8 QTMovies converted to.wmvs converted to .flv. I much prefer the Captivate skins for playback (with separate playback bars and pauses buttons, etc. As a test, I inserted a published CP file (4.0, AS2) into a Presenter project, but I can only insert one file-either the final .swf but not the playback skin .swf. Does anyone know how to get a CP .swf file of a movie to playback in Presenter?

I want to use CP because I want two movies side-by-side that the user can select.and play and rewind.

Thanks in advance!


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Rodica S

Hello everyone,

I have a similar need: to embed a Captivate demo into Presenter.

What I have done is:

- In Presenter I inserted a flash movie (selecting the skin file from the Captivate folder)

- I published the presentation

- I copied all the other Captivate files (except the skin file) in the player--> swf folder

But when I run the presenter player the result looks like:

IS there somebody who can help me with this?

Thank you very much,


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