FVL files play better than SWF files?

Mar 21, 2011

Hey all.  I'm just double checking something.  Is it true that if a person is having trouble with longer movies playing smoothly in presenter, they should play a flv file of that movie instead of a swf in the power point?  I'm double checking because if this is true, I'm going to have to change all my longer Flash files into .mov files, edit the Flash files so that they match 25 frame rates instead of the default 24 because artifacts are left over in the conversion if it's below 25 fps, and then convert the .mov files into flv files.  If flv files are truly better than swf files for longer videos in presenter, I'll do that.  I just want to know if it is true.  Hope someone can help!

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Justin Wilcox

SWF movies can have synchronization issues with video and audio. SWF also has a limitation of 16,000 frames which limits the duration of SWF movies. If you were going to convert your movies, I would suggest adhering to these best practices:


One thing to note is that the default frame rate of Presenter is 30 fps so you should really be targeting that as your fps when you create your movies.

Tammy Smith

Yes, I am trying to insert the flv into the Presenter presentation.  I used to be able to insert the 22 MB swf into the presentation, but now that isn't even working.  I click "Insert Flash Movie", I pick the movie, and then when the selection menu minimizes and the "insert Flash movie" screen is revealed again, it freezes there before I can even click 'OK'.  I know it's b/c the file is big since I have no problems inserting my other Flash or FLV files into the presentation, but since I had inserted the large swf file before and it loaded after awhile, I don't understand why I can't do it now.  I used to be able to click 'ok' a few times, it'd freeze, and then after a few minutes, a message would pop up saying file couldn't be found, but the swf file would have been inserted anyway and working just fine.  I don't know what's changed now.

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