Change in Previous button behavior in Presenter '13

Mar 25, 2014

Hi all.

We've noticed recently that the 'Previous' button behaves differently in Presenter '13 than it did in '09.

In '09, the previous button would take a student to the slide before the current slide. So if I were on slide 5, it would take me to slide 4. If I clicked in the outline to slide 21, the previous button would then take me to slide 20.

In '13, the previous button takes me to the last view slide. So using the same example, if I'm on slide 5 then click on the outline to slide 21, the previous button will take me back to slide 5. 

We've been contacted by many of our customers (students and the SME groups) saying that the previous button is now broken... they expect the previous button to take them to the slide before the current slide. However, I've confirmed with Articulate support that this change is by design. They suggest that we manually set each previous button for each slide to go to the slide that is sequentially last. Not exactly what I wanted to hear.

I just am interested to see if we are alone in thinking this is not ideal. What are your thoughts?



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Sandy Beale-Berry

That would be correct that the previous button would take the user back to slide 5 because the user branched out of the sequence of your course.  I agree, if you want the user to go to slide 20 from branching to 21, manually change the previous button in your branching player options.  Or maybe try to restrict the user from clicking out of your branched sequencing. 

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