Change Studio '13 slide numbering (demote) x.1, x.2, x,3, etc...?

Jan 17, 2014

Hello support

1) When "demoting" slides so that they are subordinate to the slides above them, the numbering in the left Menu pane displays the numbering sequentially (e.g., 4, 5, 6, 7...); however, if you look in the Preview pane to the right, and when you publish, the numbering actually changes to 4, 4.1, 4.2 , 4.3 etc. ... Is there a way to change this? The desired numbering would actually be as it was in '09 with just the regular sequential format (not the .1, .2, .3 format)

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Mario,

The format in Studio '13's player is how you described. The slides, when demoted will reflect the slide number.sub-slide number. I believe this is by design for the new version. There isn't a way to change this, that I can see. However, if you'd like the option to do so, I would recommend sending your feedback to our development team through a feature request

I do also see what you were referring to with the preview pane - it does reflect the numbers correctly, but the menu list on the left does not:

I don't see a report on this yet. I will communicate this information with our Quality Assurance department to see if this is also as designed, or something we can look at changing in the future. 


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